5 Essential Handbags!

Happy Friday everyone!  I am looking forward to this weekend because my kids actually have a long weekend so they’re home from school today AND Monday!  I’m hoping to get the last bits of Halloween decor/costumes taken care of so that I won’t be scrambling at the last minute!  Ok, I spoke too soon…now they are arguing about who had a marker first.  Maybe it will be a longer long weekend then I thought!

So, you may or may not know that I am a handbag girl through and through!  They are my silent obsession!  So today I wanted to share what I think are the 5 Essential Handbags you need in your closet to get you through the year!

I’ll start with the handbag that I think I use the most all year, and that is the most practical, and that’s the Everyday Crossbody!  This bag is a mom’s best friend; anything hands-free when you have kids with you, is always a plus!  Even without kids in tow, an everyday crossbody handbag is the perfect casual, handfree bag to have when just making your daily rounds either at the grocery store, walking downtown or heading to work.  I like mine not too big but not too small, so that I can just carry the essentials, like wallet, keys, lip gloss, phone etc.  This is definitely the handbag I will wear dressed down, or with an everyday look!






Another style of a more casual handbag I love is a great Tote!  I love the look of a great slouchy tote in leather,especially one like this Black Covet bag I’m carrying because it’s soft as butter!  This particular tote also has a zip top which is hard to find in a tote, but is perfect for the busy mom who has more then just her wallet and keys to carry and may not want everyone to see the array of random items she might be carrying, like diapers etc.  It also makes a great handbag for the business women who may need to throw their iPad or files in their bag!  Either way, fashion wise, a tote looks great on everyone’s arm/shoulder!  This is another perfect everyday style of handbag that you can wear casually dressed or business savvy!  I see this bag on someone walking downtown shopping, or heading out to lunch with co-workers!










I feel like a classic, structured Satchel Handbag (or shoulder bag) is a must to mix into your waredrobe!  For me a structured shoulder bag steps it up a notch, and your wardrobe should follow suit.  This is not the type of bag I would necessarily take to the grocery store or to baby playgroup, but ofcourse there are no magical “handbag rules” so everyone can wear what they like!  And trust me, there are days when switching my handbag before I walk out the door just isn’t an option with three kids, and I just grab the last bag I was using!  But if I had the option to put effort into my wardrobe that day, I would choose a shoulder bag for when I was going out somewhere, like a lunch date or heading to the office, and casually dressed up or looking more conservative!  This is also the style of handbag where I like to explore more on materials and colours; like this suede burgundy beauty!





Unfortunately, my burgundy suede Tory Burch bag is sold out but I have found some similar ones that I also love below!


I also love to have a classic Evening Crossbody Handbag in my closet and think it should be an essential in your wardrobe!  This is the perfect handbag to take with you when you are dressed up and going out for dinner or drinks!  It’s small enough to keep at the dinner table and just big enough to fit the main evening essentials, like your wallet, or even just your cards, lipstick, phone etc.  It’s also great for when you are at an event and need to be standing and need your hands free to hold your drink, shake hands, have an appetizer etc.  It is also a “Finish the Look” piece for me; it ties your wardrobe style together!  This is more likely then none, the handbag I would choose if I were dressed up BUT also love this piece with a trendy dressed down style as well!!





Black Lace Top by:



And last but not least, because I think it is also a must, is a great Clutch This is a handbag that really doesn’t need to break the bank either!  There are so many chic, trendy options out there that you can really go inexpensive or expensive and still come away with a great look and style!  A clutch ofcourse is the perfect evening handbag where you really don’t need to take too much with you!  A couple of cards, lipstick, phone and you are good for the night!  It is also a piece that can pull the outfit together and should play off what you are wearing.  Whether you are in a dress with heels or in a chic top and pants, a great clutch tucked under your arm is always a great final touch!  It can also be a convenient handbag to keep in your larger everyday handbag, and just pull out when you want to run in to a restaurant to have lunch or dinner with someone and don’t want to have a big bag at the table!












So like I said, there ofcourse are no magic handbag rules to follow, and actually fashion and art are all about breaking the rules (which is what makes it so fun!).  As, you can see, I’ve styled them all here, somewhat casually chic, but these are just some of the things I think about and ways I like to style what I think are the 5 Essential Handbags!!

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photo credits: http://www.jennifermarcuson.com/




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