Leopard Accessories!

Mid way through the week and it now feels like those beginning of the week goals have now become my end of the week goals!  Who’s with me?!  Isn’t that always the way…who really gets that To Do List done anyways?!!  So here it is, my third Blog Post and I actually thought I would be able to pump these out alot faster but I forgot to factor in that thing called life where a million other things seem to take priority!

I wouldn’t say I’m a big print person when it comes to my fashion preferences.  I do like alot of plaid but for the most part I prefer to wear my prints through accessories, including Leopard print!  Leopard print has always been one of those prints that goes back and forth across the line of super cheesy and super classy in my books.  You can definately overdo this print if you are too excessive, but when done right, Leopard can be very classy, sexy and chic!  It always looks sharp with anything black, camel, tan or as a faux fur!  I love it in moderation with a good balance of neutral solid coloured pieces or solid coloured pieces that come from the same palette, to compliment it and let the print pop!  Like I said, for me, I generally wear Leopard as my accessory when I do wear the print, like this gorgeous Leopard Clutch, Leopard watch and this chic Black/Grey Leopard print Infinity Scarf!






















Don’t forget to add a bit of Leopard into your wardrobe, especially for Fall!  Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday!

photo credit:  http://www.jennifermarcuson.com/


xo Nat


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