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Hey there!  I hope you are all having the best week so far!

I’m sending some love all the way from sunny Jamaica!  That’s actually a little bit of a lie, since it’s actually raining this afternoon, but on the bright side it gives me some in-room time to write a new blog post!  And what better to share then some of my Beachside Essentials for this week of R&R in the Caribbean!  Now, this bag of essentials might look a little different if this was a family vacation with my three kiddos in tow, but this is a couples vacation with just my hubby, so all about the downtime!


My first beach essential, is this amazing beach bag!  This one is perfect and is my go-to for travelling anywhere because I can also use it as my carry-on, on the plane while flying, and then  as the perfect beach bag once I’m there!  It has a great wipable material, great for repelling sand, water, sunscreen etc., is loaded with pockets including an interior bottle pocket and even has this great horizontal zipper near the bottom for expansion if you need more room!  There are two sizes; this one being the smaller size called the Day Tripper and a larger size called the Getaway!  The Getaway is the one I usually use when I have the kids with me because I need twice the room and it also comes with a shoulder strap which is great when you’re running through an airport with kids on each hand!

Click here for the Day Tripper

Click here for the Getaway



Besides the sand beneth my toes, I always have a great pair of flipflops with me!  I usually prefer to bring a plastic pair like these ones from Tory Burch!  The Tory Burch flipflops have been my go-to’s for awhile; they are simple, cute, comfortable and will last me a couple of years!  I prefer the simple plastic ones so that I can easily go in and out of the water without worrry, like on or off a boat, on the beach or just strolling through the resort.  I don’t have to worry about the plastic ones getting ruined and they are also so comfortable!  There are also great options at Old Navy and Joe Fresh to name a few.




Another favourite essential of mine to bring on a beach vacation is a gorgeous cover-up!  On a beach vacation I basically live in these so bringing more then one is a must!  This black one with white embroidery is one of my all-time favourites!  It’s light weight and super soft, and it doubles as a gorgeous top to pair over white denim shorts or pants!  If you are headed to a beach anytime soon, grab this one as it’s on a major sale right now for Black Friday!!



Black and white Tunic:


Ofcourse, I’ve always got to have at least two pairs of my most needed accessory which are sunglasses!  I’m a sunglass person all year round, through winter and all, but they’re definitely a must have on the beach!  I like to make sure I have a cute pair to wear as well as a smaller pair for when I’m tanning on the beach, to avoid suntan lines!
I also like to bring atleast one inexpensive pair that I don’t worry about ruining with sand scratches and sunscreen! This week I’ve brought a pair of no-name glasses and a pair of Ray-ban, which are a great quality brand for the intense sun!




And last but not least, what else would a relaxing vacation by the beach be without a great book for you to loose yourself into!  As a mom of three I find that reading for my own personal enjoyment easily takes the back burner so this is a great opportunity to have some non interrupted time to delve in!   Besides reading I also find it very therapeutic and helpful to do some writing, just to even go through my never ending To-Do List and have no inturuptions clogging my brain and allowing myself to regroup and feel organized!  I also love to write about future goals and take this time to be creative!




I hope the next time you are at the beach you enjoy it as much as I have!

xo Nat


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