Happy Monday girls!  Wow, this Booties post is long overdue, but I guess better late then never, right?!  I had the idea that when I started this blog I would be able to easily post on my blog once a week, but my hectic mom life just hasn’t let that happen yet!  I am definitely learning as I go and feel like I’ll be able to plan much better come 2018, which is just around the corner!  How crazy is that?!  So ideally I would have liked to have done a Booties post in October or November, but because this is all new to me and I am still learning, it’s coming to you in December!

I couldn’t skip it though!  Booties are my favourite type of footwear by far!  Maybe it’s because I live in a part of Canada where we get so much wear out of all of that Fall/Winter wardrobe, or maybe it’s because there are so many material options and styles when it comes to booties, either way they are my absolute favourite footwear for sure!

I am really drawn to all different types of styles when it comes to booties, especially when it comes to the material and colour!  The more options the better!  I like to switch up my footwear as often as my wardrobe or handbag!  That one pair of black booties just won’t do it!  Ofcourse a gorgeous pair of leather booties are always a must, but there are so many great trends out right now with booties and boots that you can really go outside of the box with styling your feet!  Some current trends I am loving are metallics and velvet!  Not to say that the classic neutrals don’t have there place, they definitely do, and most days at that, BUT I am loving that our booties can really be the pop an outfit may need!  I actually ordered a pair of blue velvet booties with buckles and no heel that I couldn’t wait to get, as well as a fantastic pair of gold metallic booties with a 2-3 inch heel but sadly they got lost in the mail not once but twice!!  I couldn’t believe it (and neither could the company when I called to complain 20 times!) so I ended up just cancelling the order because we are now over our ankles in snow here in Quebec, and the time in which I could wear them now is limited!

So for now, most of my favourite booties that I have are in the neutral family; blacks, various shades of tans, and all in leather and suede!  I will still probably order those velvet and metallic booties again but maybe closer to when winter is ending!  For now, here are just a few pics of some of my new favourites!


















Let me know your favourite footwear and if you have a love for Booties like I do?!!

xo Nat


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