Christmas Home Decor

Well, I would just like to start out by thanking you for taking the time to stop and read, skim through or shop my blog in it’s first couple of months! It has been a wonderful and fun outlet for my artistic side which has been on hold for the past 10 years while upholding the super busy job of being a mommy to three little ones!

I can’t believe it’s December 22nd! Only a couple of days away from Christmas; it’s crazy! I have spent the last two weeks doing all of my Christmas shopping! Yes, I know, a little last minute! BUT one thing I was ahead of the game on was my Christmas Home Decor so I would love to share a bit of it with you! As you may or may not know, besides Fashion, I also have a great love for Home Decor and Interior Design! I actually helped design my house with an architect so that I could have exactly the space and functionality that I needed for our family…plus I loved it! But that’s another blog post for the future!
As for my Christmas/Holiday Home Decor I try to find things that I love, as well as still keeping it young, fun and playful for my children! I always have them in mind when decorating for any holiday really (but don’t we all as moms?!). So I don’t do ceramics or glass bulbs for the tree etc. I like to go for the non-breakable items that are still fresh and pretty, like the wood ornaments and pom-poms, and the village which is actually made of cardboard! I also, changed my tree this year and for the first time picked one that I love! I’ve been seeing these flocking Christmas Trees everywhere and they’re just so pretty so I found one at a very convenient store and put our old one (with coloured lights) in the children’s rec-room in our basement for them to decorate on their own!
All of my decor was shopped locally and most things by very convenient stores you can find anywhere in Canada. If there is something you see that you’d like to know where it is from just send me an email or comment below and I’d be happy to share!


There are a good amount of my Christmas Tree ornaments from Canadian Tire this year!  For example those wooden beads, pom-pom garland, pine-cone ornaments, spiked rose-gold ornaments, large rose-gold snow flakes and some larger bulbs.  I also was able to get this beautiful tree skirt and these cream knit stockings from there as well!

The beautifully large baskets holding the pillows and throw blankets are from Pottery Barn!




These wooden photo ornaments are the perfect personal gift to give and I just love them!  I had my eye on them last year but never got around to ordering them and was so happy to have been able to order them this year!  They are double sided so you can have a different picture printed on the back so regardless of which way it turns, you have a beautiful picture!







The Flocking Christmas Tree is the 9′ one that Home Depot carries!  It was affordable and really easy to put together!











The red village came from a local store here in Quebec (if you would like the name just comment below post) but I was able to find alot of the people and accessories for the village in stores like Michaels, Walmart and Canadian Tire!







The majority of my pillows came from Target last year (gosh I wish it was still here!) and Canadian Tire this year!








So that is a glimpse into my Home decor for the Christmas Holidays this year!  It’s not everything, but I just wanted to share some of my Christmas vibe from my home to you!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and I’ll see you in 2018!





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