Coat Series: Wool Coat

Hey there 2018!  It definitely feels like a new year where new goals have been set!  I am excited to bring more and more content to my blog now that I’ve had some time to get familiar with how running a website, keeping up with photos and pulling it all together really works!

So because I live in the very winterized Quebec, Canada, I felt it only fitting that I do a series of posts on some of my favorite coats/jackets!  They are definitely more then just a fashion staple here, they are a necessity in which we basically live in for the better part of the year!  And for this reason, as far as fashion goes, coats and boots are pieces I really don’t mind splurging on and buying multiples of!  When you need them to last through a -30 degree (Celsius) winter, you want to make sure the quality is there!  And because of the fluctuation in temperature throughout the winter, we also need a fluctuation in styles and durability!  It’s nice to have that great big parka coat when it’s -30C, but then next week when it’s +2 you’ll definitely be reaching for something a little lighter!

Regardless on where you live, jackets and coats are more then just for keeping you warm, they are a part of your wardrobe and can really play off of your outfit or sometimes even MAKE your outfit!

One of my favorite coats I bought in 2017 was this gorgeous Wool Double Face Coat in nutmeg!  I love the style and length but what I was first drawn to was the colour!  It was just the perfect coat to bring me through Fall and those winter days where it was just slightly chilly.  I was also in love with the fact that it had these great sweater-like sleeves rather then a convention sleeve, which I would have loved anyways, BUT the sweater sleeve detail just made this seem so much more appealing!  Once I received the coat and tried it on I was so happy to feel that it was a cozy and chic as I thought it would be and it didn’t have that structured stiffness that some coats of this style can have.  This particular coat does run a bit big and if I was more familiar with the return process with the store I bought it from at the time, I would have sized down one, but I didn’t so it is a tad big on me.

I find this style of coat gives a very put-together look, almost like a trench.  I think “classically” it has been a coat that people wear when dressed up or for a professional look but I love the way fashion is going and taking those “classic” staples, like a long wool double faced coat or trench, and grunging them down with distressed denim or a basic tee, for a more everyday look!  It really is an era in fashion where the “rules” should always be broken and classics are being used in the everyday!  The great thing about a wool coat like this is that it is a classic, and you can wear it year after year!


This nutmeg wool coat actually sold-out pretty quickly everywhere so I had a hard time finding a link for it so I’ve link a few other Wool Coats that I love and think you will too! Check them out!


How do you prefer to style a Wool Coat like this? More preppy and pulled-together, more dressed down or both?! Let me know in the comments!
Ps. Linking the whole look below! And I know my boots are more on the expensive side BUT these are amazing boots that comfy, beautiful AND Waterproof!! So worth the pretty penny 😉

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Thanks for stopping by! Stayed tuned for my next Coat Series 😉

xo Nat


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