Coat Series: Faux Fur Coat

Happy Friday everyone! So oddly enough, I had never really been a huge fan of a Fur Coat. And not just because of the moral stance or the distaste of wearing an animals fur, but I never really was fond of the style and look of being covered in fur from head to toe! I never thought it looked nice or cute but rather somewhat old-fashioned and grizzly! Ok, maybe grizzly is a bit much but a long fur coat seemed a little dramatic and over the top for me. With fashion evolving and trends changing so rapidly this era, I’ve found myself attracted to the new wave of

Fur Coats and predominantly Faux Fur Coats emerging!
Ok, so I will not go into the epic debate on the moral compass of killing animals for their fur/hide etc.; or even the “recycling” of animals fur/hides who have already been killed for the purpose of eating. I am not an expert, and though I can be quite argumentative (or so I’ve been told….), I do not like to debate issues in which I don’t have all of the facts! Makes sense, right?!

So carrying on, Faux Fur Coats are really just a personal preference of mine for the time being! Here are my reasons why; 1, they are much lighter and less bulkier I find; two, they are a lot less expensive; 3, I find them being created on a trendy level which means I may not love the style in a couple of years so wouldn’t want to invest in a real one; 4, you don’t have to maintain a faux fur coat like you would a real fur coat (I believe there is a treatment or oil that needs to be applied every so often); 5, I don’t see the point in taking the fur of an animal if I love the look and style of the faux ones anyways!

One thing I really love about the faux fur coat styles I am seeing these days is the variety in colour! Designers are not sticking to the safe and drab neutral colours solely. They are bring vibrancy to the faux furs as well as dimension! I also love the mixing of the colours in one jacket or coat and the variation in lengths!
I currently only own one faux fur coat, which I love by the way, but I have also posted a few others that I love if you’d like to scroll through and check them out!

Thanks for reading loves! Let me know in the comments what your preference is?!! Are you into Fur Coats, Faux Fur Coats or not at all?!!

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