Coat Series: Teddy Coat

Hello all of you lovely ladies! The weekend is finally here, and it has just dawned on me that this is the last weekend before I go on vacation in Florida for Spring Break with my family, so I better get going on some things! I have three kids so I will have to rummage through all of their summer clothes to see what still fits and what doesn’t, which means I may have to go shopping for them! I will be leaving plenty of space in MY suitcase, and just bringing the bare minimum for myself, so that I can go shopping once I am there 😉 I have a few things on my list, like a white Stella McCartney bag, a Madewell cardigan and top, (which I will link at the end of the post) and I need new bathing suits so I am excited to go shopping once there! I’ll keep you posted on all of my finds 😉

So to end my Coat Series, I am going to finish with the fabulous and trendy Teddy Coat! I would say it is definitely more of a trend more than a classic, but it’s a trend that is fairly subdued and not too out-there, so to speak. I can see the trend lasting for awhile and it’s really a trend that has no preferred age range, which is great because I often find pieces that are more trendy falling into a younger market, but it’s safe to say the Teddy Coat looks great on all ages!
I’ve seen two styles of the Teddy Coat out there; one being the ‘popcorn’ style of coat, where the wool or material almost looks knotted or balled, and then the more ‘furry’ style of Teddy Coat, where it looks more like a short faux fur. I love the look of both but only got my hands on the ‘popcorn’ style this year! It’s also a great style of Coat to add some texture to your wardrobe, and you can find them in a lot of fun colours! If it wasn’t so late in the season I would probably add a brown ‘furry’ styled Teddy Coat to my collection; specifically a long one that I’ve had my eye on!

Below are a couple of Teddy Coats that I have and I will link some others that I love as well!

This specific blue Teddy Coat is from Zara but is sold out online; you may be able to find it in stores, it was on mega sale!

So this coat is on mega sale right now but is sold out in the blush! It’s a Canadian store and I’ve got it linked below 😉

These 3 items are on my wishlist!! The bag is a splurge and will be a long shot but I just love Stella McCartney!

Have a great rest of the winter and enjoy your coats as part of your wardrobe while you can!

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xo Nat


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