Embroidery in Fashion

So without getting into a major art history lesson here, embroidery has been around forever! And by forever, I mean since approximately 5th-3rd century BC….that’s a long time ago! Back in the day, embroidery was a specialized art in which people would be thought of as a higher class if they embroidered, or if they wore embroidered garments. This hand-held art lasted hundreds of years, but finally took a shift in the technique in which it was made, in the 1960’s, when embroidery machines were invented. This was a huge asset to designers who wanted to have embroidery in their designs; helping them increase quantity and save money. Ofcourse once computers came into the picture in the 1980’s, everything changed, and not just in fashion! So what computers did for fashion, and more specifically embroidery in fashion, is that now everything could be digitized and a design could be created once and then replicated exactly, in huge quantities! Now embroidery wasn’t just for couture, but was available for every brand at a high or low market, and could easily be an added embellishment and reproduced by the masses!

In modern fashion we’ve seen the trend of embroidery come and go out style, but most recently has just become popular again! Over the past two years it’s definitely been one of the trends to emerge and we are seeing it all through fashion, including jackets (as seen below), pants, tops, and even handbags, shoes and hats! I do feel as though it will probably be an in and out trend, meaning I don’t think the trend will last long; but with that being said, I do think it will fade but then come back again, as it has in the past!

What do you think about the embroidery trend? Do you love it/hate it? Do you think it will be short lived? Let me know in the comments!!! xo













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photos by: http://www.jennifermarcuson.com/

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