Mixing Patterns

Happy Spring ladies! Wow, I feel like I can actually say that now without hesitation! We still have some snow here in Quebec, but it is almost completely gone, which is amazing considering we just had a snow storm and freezing rain over the last two weeks!

So, something I am loving lately is the mixing of patterns together in the same outfit! I think that generally people stay away from mixing patterns in their outfit because it can often look very busy and overwhelming, and actually even ridiculous! But when it is done right, it can be very chic and fun! Mixing patterns in a wardrobe isn’t the type of styling where I would say, anything goes. For me, there aren’t any rules either though, but that being said I prefer for the two pieces to have a common theme between them, and it’s usually colour. If one piece has a cooler colour tone to it, then I would want the other piece to have the same palette or even the same colour(s). Even if they share just one common colour between them it can sometimes be enough. I also prefer mixing patterns when there aren’t more then 3 colours involved on each piece. As for mixing patterns when you have different textures and fabrics, I almost prefer this! Adding different textures to any outfit, regardless if there are patterns or not is a must in my books!

As an example of mixing patterns I’ve paired this plaid blazer with this striped button-up top; two different patterns but we definitely have a shared palette which is cool/neutral tones, and specifically the shared colour grey, with the addition of white and black. Had the stripe top been any other colour then the grey or black, it wouldn’t have looked right. The only other colour I would say that could possibly work here would be a dark navy blue stripe; again staying in a cool palatte. I also like that fact that we are working with two patterns involving lines here, though I could add a polka dot top in any of the colours pulled from the blazer here, including navy blue, as I mentioned, and it would also look pulled together! But because the plaid in the blazer has pretty tight/small checks, I would prefer a medium to larger polka dot to not overwhelm the outfit!

I’ve linked everything from my photos so you can shop the look and I’ve also added a few other patterened items that I love!

















Photography: http://www.jennifermarcuson.com/

I hope you all have a great week and have fun mixing your patterns because fahion should be an expression of yourself, so there are never any rules!

xo Nat


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