Statement Sleeves and Cold Shoulders!

Happy Friday ladies! Are we May already?! Are we coming up to the end of the school year and planning for summer holidays?! I am happy to say YES, but the next couple of weeks are really going to fly by! Atleast for us mommas, right?!! But honestly, I am so looking forward to it because we really had a long winter here in Quebec this year…wait that’s every year! Sigh…
Regardless, the sun’s out and that means the layers are coming off and we are starting to show some skin and intake that vitamin D!

I would say that most of the time, maybe 7 or 8 times out of 10, I style my wardrobe for the day beginning with my top! I’m a denim kinda girl, so the pants are usually easy to match! My tops are usually where I find my outfit inspo for the day because it’s our tops that usually have the most diverse style to them! For example the cut, style, material/fabric, pattern etc.; there’s just so much to choose from! One of my favourite styles of tops is to have a play on the sleeves, for instance a bell sleeve or sleeves with a different fabric then the body of the top! A lot can be done with the sleeves to make a top stand out! I also love the trend of the cold-shoulder cutouts on tops that has been hot for awhile now! You can show a little bit of skin while still “keeping it classy” so to speak! So for obvious reasons I fell in love with this blue knit and denim top! The balloon sleeves are in this soft, light denim material, much different then the knit body of the top, and the cold-shoulder details just enhance the separation of the sleeves even more! It’s perfect for Spring, and even looks cute with denim shorts for the Summer!









Here are some addition fun tops with Statement Sleeves and/or Cold-Shoulders!






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xo Nat

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