White Sneakers for Summer!

So I don’t know about you, but since having children my feet are not the same size as they once were.  And I know fashion can sometimes be painful, when it includes some show stopping high heels, but those days are few and far in-between for me now!  Thankfully my new favourite summer shoes are all about comfort; white sneakers!  They are not only great for when you know you will be walking long distances, but are totally on trend to wear with just about anything right now!  When in doubt, wear white sneakers and you should be good to go!  They bring a sense of “cuteness” to any outfit, and can easily “casual down” an outift that you may otherwise think is “dressy”, like a pretty floral dress or a sharp black Blazer and pants set!  Adding white sneakers to a t-shirt and jeans combo can be like second nature, but next time you are wearing a pretty lace skirt or floral dress, throw on a pair of cute white sneakers and trust me it will look perfect!

Here are my favourite new White Sneakers that I wear all the time!  I love them because they are comfortable, have a touch of grey on the back, and don’t break the bank like some other high-end designer sneakers that are out there right now!  I’ve also shared a few other white sneakers that I love below!









I’d love to see you style your white sneakers! Next time you do, tag me in your photo so I can give it some love! Thanks for taking the time to check out NatsStyleFiles!
(Photography: http://www.jennifermarcuson.com/)

xo Nat


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