To my readers…

Hi atlast!  Thank you for taking the time (I know it’s precious) to stop and read my blog!  My name is Natalie and I am a mother to 3 amazing kids; a wife to a loving and hard working husband; a fashion and art lover since youth, and love to carry that creative passion into home design as well!  I consider myself to be your typical 30 something momma!  I’m not a size 0 and I’m not 5’10”, so super model I am not, but I absolutely love fashion and think that keeping it real and relate-able is the way to go!  To me fashion has always been a creative outlet and I’ve always been passionate about the design aspect of it!  I remember as a child (maybe 9, 10, 11 years old) recording Fashion Television every week on VHS tapes!  I had a whole box of them and oh how I wish I still had them!  To what might have been boring for other kids my age, was so fascinating to me!  Even the Jeanne Beker interviews with all of the designers; I couldn’t help but feel their passion behind their work!

I was always good at two things in school; one being art and the other being math, so when it came time to decide what to got to school for I decided to put my passion aside and go into Civil Engineering and utilize my math skills to get me a “good job”.  After a couple of years in the field, I met my husband, had my first two children, got married (yes, in that order), moved around Canada a whole lot, moved to our final destination which is Quebec (a French speaking province…and I don’t speak French, yet! ), had my third child and here I am today!  My oldest is now 10 and it has just flown by!  But one thing that still remains, after being a stay-at-home mommy for a decade now, is my passion for Fashion and Art, which I just happen to think are two in the same!

For me I am hoping to use my blog as a creative outlet so that I can branch my arms out, back into the Fashion and Art world, as well as to inspire you and give you ideas on how to style your own life!  Please feel free to Subsribe to my blog to follow along and read all my posts as they come 😉


xo Natalie